Hyphen is simply the sign used to join two things together. The Hyphen ministry at New Life Church is a ministry for single, non-parent, young adults in the stage of life between graduating high school and fully-committed adulthood.

about hyphen

Directors - Chris & Lindsey Newton

Location - Annex

The focus of Hyphen is to help join its members with each other and the church. Members of Hyphen learn to  navigate the challenges of college, career paths, and relationships in the context of ministry. We strive to develop a strong walk with God that will carry us through life.

Class Schedule: Wednesday 7PM

Upcoming hyphen events


    The New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons; who you got? Whether you like football or you just want some good food, all young adults are invited to the home of Chris and Lindsey Newton for the Hyphen Super Bowl Party. The party starts at 5 and you can contact Chris & Lindsey for directions and details.