Arkansas Holiday Youth Convention

#ARHYC17 is an annual event hosted by the youth department of Arkansas (ARYouth) and held in Rogers, Arkansas. This is a dynamic local conference for youth and young adults across the state.  #ARHYC17 is a three-night event featuring dynamic worship, ministering and of course fellowship! 

Anticipated total cost per student is $135.00* and includes registration, late night event passes and hotel fees. Student will need to secure spending money for themselves. 


HyphenNLC attendees are determined under the guidelines of Chris and Lindsey Newton.

Nexus Student Ministries attendees are determined under the 2017-2018 Student/Parent Handbook. 

Full itineraries have been emailed to member students and families. Should you have further questions please contact the appropriate ministry Pastor. 

*You will be prompted to Login or Create an account. If you have a myNLC account set up for offering payments or a CCB Login; do not create a new account- please use these applicable credentials to access the registration form. Questions? Contact Wendy Clark or Chris Newton.