At New Life, small groups serve as a key part of growing and sharing together. Families join at a host home for a light snack, sharing, a time of studying the Bible, and conclude with prayer. These groups have become a vital part of the growth of New Life Church. Not only do the groups celebrate each other’s "wins," they also serve as community support during times of loss, sickness, and change. Small Groups serve as a support and safety net for its members.

About small groups

The key component to the GOspel is "go," and small groups become the vehicle to make a difference in our community. They serve in soup kitchens, gather gifts for foster children, sing and share with the elderly at the senior home, and have even been known to do yard work for unsuspecting widows.

This semester we will be having small group meetings on the following dates:

August 14

September 11

October 9

November 13

If you would like to be a part of the small group ministry, please contact our office for locations.