Instead of focusing on what NLC can do to serve men, we focus on what men can do to serve. We have men who are willing to take action and live their lives, boldly, for Christ. We have men who serve in, and lead, amazing ministries at NLC, are accountable, loyal, husbands, as well as present, involved, fathers.

    Our men’s group has a great lineup of men’s breakfasts, prayer meetings, barbecues, and father/son camping trips.

    Are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to live your life, boldly, for Christ? Join the great men of New Life, and find out today.

    For further information or to find out what our next event is please contact Jason Lumpkins.


    RENEW Ladies Ministry serves to provide a place for women to grow in their understanding of God's Word, helping to learn ways to apply it to their lives. Our mission is to challenge women to know God intimately, to form meaningful relationships with each other, to offer opportunities for women to develop their gifts and abilities, and, to disciple women to live victorious lives.

    For more information about RENEW events, or to find out the topic of this semester's Bible Study please contact Stacy Gaddy.

adult ministries


The Bridge is New Life's ministry to 30-45 year olds. This group knows all about balancing families, their relationship with God, busy schedules, careers, and friendships.

The Bridge serves as a connect-point and a strength center to these singles and couples. Their activities are family-friendly and, at times, offer childcare for some great time away from the kids! Their events include crawfish boils, block parties, BBQs, and, sometimes, even dessert nights! We hope to see you at The Bridge events in the future!


Your kids are older, and, maybe, even out on their own. You’ve finally got the time and resources to think of yourselves for a while. Join a great group of 45-65 year olds in pursuit of fellowship, support, and exploration of God’s wonderful plan for personal growth during this unique season of life!

This group is comprised of singles and married couples that love to get together for road-trips that can last a day or even overnight! Times of sharing and fun take place over potlucks, BBQs, and game nights. Community service projects are the heart of this ministry.

For further information please contact Kimberly Buchberger


Here at New Life Church, we have a special place for folks 65 years “and better," as we like to say. Whether you are retired, just thinking about it, or plan to work for another twenty years, you'll find the Flying Eagles group full of wisdom, experience, fun and lots of laughter.

Group activities often include meals together from some of the best cooks at New Life, as well as special outings and events. Guests are always welcome, and we don't even check ID!

For more information regarding the Flying Eagles group, please contact Lloyd & Nancy Shirley.