Launch is your starting point at New Life Church. This level is available to anyone attending or interested in learning more about NLC. Here are some ways you can get connected at New Life.


Learn is for those who have actively been a part of LAUNCH and are desiring a deeper devotion in their relationship with God. These classes are begin at 9AM in the Annex on our campus. Contact Stacy Gaddy to sign up for LEARN.

Class Dates and Topics:

  • Introductory Class | March 31  If you're interested in growing in your walk with God, come find out if this class is for you.
  • Bible | April 7  This class with help you have a better understanding of God's word as you use it in your personal devotional life.
  • Prayer | April 14 Learning to develop a confident prayer life is the goal of this class.
  • Faithfulness 1 & 2 | April 28 & May 12 What you do every day matters. Here, we will explore five areas of faithfulness.
  • Sacrifice | May 19 What does it mean to live an "all-in" life? We'll finish LEARN by exploring the meaning of sacrifice. 


LIVE is a hands on experience. It is for those who have completed the foundational principles in LEARN and seek how to live out their God given purpose.

Class Dates and Topics:
  • February 17 / Annex / Studying the Bible

  • February 24 / Annex / Spiritual Warfare

  • March 3 / Annex / Evangelism

  • March 10 / Annex / Giftings

  • March 24 / Annex / Holiness